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Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer
Finally I get to talk (or should I say/type write?) about this bargain. For those who don't know or don't remember, I got his bronzer for 12€ during the last winter sales. The regular price here is 27 euros which means that I paid less than half. Why on sale? Because Too Faced released an updated version of their packaging -  which has a yellow cap with more textures than this version.
So yes, the only difference between the bronzer that I own an the current version that ou can find at any Sephora and Too Faced counter. The colour, product texture and smell is the same. 
Smell you ask? Yes, this bronzer smells like Chocolate. Cho-co-la-te! One of the main ingredients of this product is real cocoa - it's a really interesting traith and makes it even more interesting. 
The actual product is amazing - the colour is perfect for contour or just warming up our face and the texture is beautifull. It's really pigmented and but you can easily blend everything very easily - no matter if you prefer a more loose brush or a more precise one, you'll be able to blend everything in place. . And it's matte. 
Oh and the packaging? Although it doesn't have the beauty and sparkle of the newer version, I still really like it. It's big but, considering that this blush had 10 grams it's really sleek. It's made of hard plastic, it's easy to open and close and contains a really big and nice mirror. 
Would I get this again for it's full price? Yes I would! I actually want to get the Snow bunny version because I really believe in the quality of Too Faced bronzers. Also, they have a more light version called "Milk Chocolate bronzer" which is nice for those who are really pale and are scared of bronzers. 

I hope that you guys liked this review!
Take care, have a nice day.

With Love,

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