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Bioderma Sensibio Eye Gel 

With my Lierac Dioptigel giving it's last breath's, I thought it was time to do a little change and trying something else. I had heard really amazing things about this gel from Bioderma - which is a brand that I really enjoy - so I had really high hopes for this, specially because it's from a very nourishing line. 
There are many differences between this product and the one I had before. The packaging of this one is bigger and is less delicate and the tip of the tube is actually really nice to control how much product we want or not. And the product it self is also quite different -the texture is lighter and has a milky-white colour. 
In therms of the product efficacy it has good and bad points. It takes less time to sink in (probably because it contains alcohol, although it's not it's first or second ingredient) but it's not as moisturising as the one from Lierac. Don't get me wrong, this moisturises my under eye area but if I apply a "regular" amount it won't last too much. in the morning I'll feel the need of running and slandering it again. I need to apply twice or trice as much to get a more fuller hydration. I always notice that when ever I do that my eyes look less purple and less swelled in the morning. 
I'll keep repurchasing this as my morning eye cream but I'll have to get a more thicker gel or cream for the Winter time were I need all the hydration that I can get because the cold nights make my under eye are dry, more sensitive and sometimes flackey. Overall, it's good and won a nice place in my routine.
What's your favourite eye cream and/or eye gel? What would you recommend as a nice eye care product for the winter days?
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