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Ah...What's a Swap? 
For those who don't know, a Swap - in the beauty community at least - is when two people decided to make an exchange of products. Both parties agree on a budget and mention things that like and don't like. Swap's need to be thought and prepared, there are a lot of cases of people getting scammed. So as a personal advise, don't enter in swaps with people that for instance you never heard of, that don't have a stable blog or platform. And don't start swapping with crazy budgets. Really. 
Because of the things mentioned above, I was really aware that I could get a no when I asked Shayne if she wanted to do a little swap. I knew that there were a few items that she really wanted to try out and it would be a nice experience. Happyly she agreed and we started to e-mail each other and sending twitter messages asking what ever it would be important. For instants I asked her if she had anything from a  certain brand before getting a palette for here because I didn't wanted to get something equal to what she already had. So, after reading this post, could please stop by Queen of All you See and read Shayne's post? 

The amazing items and wrapping skills of Shayne
We were all really scared that costoms would stop out packages and ruin our wrappings (and extra taxing of course, this was indeed an exchange of gifs, not a purchase at Sigma or another online store).I'll admit that my wrapping skills aren't the best. I really need to work on them and get more creative but no matter how much I work, I'll never have the amazing skills of Shayne. Seriously, it's so pretty! I felt bad that I had to ruin the wrapping, it's so pretty! 
Now for the content - God, I feel really blessed. Seriously, I like everything! Starting with the amazing Magnetic Palette from Wild Peach Cosmetics - it's so pretty and comes to a perfect time! I recently tried to make one myself but the project wasn't really successful and I was thinking about getting two unii paletes - one for my benefit depoted mini-blushes (to anyone who wants to depot benefit palettes BE CAREFUL THAT THINGS HAS SO MUCH GLUE. I cracked a bit of my bronzer and my blush...yes I'm sad about it) and eeshadows and other for MAC and other eyeshadows. Now i rather get another Wild Peach Cometics palette - it's pretty, sleek and has a mirror! And it's not heavy. Pure magnetic perfection. 
Next, the ModelsOwn Artstix polish duo is so nice! The white polish - Snow white - is really pigmented and only needs two coats to be opaque and the glitter top coat - Ibiza mix - is so pretty! I mean, I've been wanting a top coat like this for ages!! It's perfect and looks amazing with any polish. My nails are going to get prettier! 
And keeping the nail polish theme, the mini Orly Witch's Blue- which is so pigmented! So pigmented! I mean, I feel in love as soon as I saw the colour (because I have a soft spot for deep blues) but when I saw the pigmentation, I was sold out. Pure perfection. 
An item that is making scream and jump because it's going to get on the top list of favourites is de VMV Hypoallergenics OHH-LA-LASH which is the first mascara that I can apply without smudging, irritating my eyes, needing to spend 5 minutes without blinking or clumping my lashes and leaving tones of product. It's really good. My They're Real mascara has now competition. Big one. 
The sample of Kiehl's Ultra Facial cleanser was a really good surprise. Shayne new that I really was curious about the brand and their products and who knows - this might be the push for me to get something for them? 
But the amazing surprise was the Nars Duo in Orgasm/Laguna. Yes. I jumped. Its so pretty. So pretty. the orgasm blush is actually pinkier than the so-called dupe from sleek. And prettier.And laguna blends so nicely in my cheeks. Seriously, thank you!!
And lastly but not least, the MAC Viva Glam in Rihanna is the perfect red lipstick. Not only the colour is amazing but the formula is so confortable. If I though that Creemesheen was nice, Frost is even more. Now I am more than temped to check more lipsticks with that formula. 

So, I feel blessed and very happy with this experience. would I do it again? probably. Would I do it again with Shayne? Oh yes. So please, check Shayne's blog at Queen of All You See to know how she felt and her experience. 

Take care everyone!Have a nice day

With Love,

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