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The one that started my deeply love for Neutral Palettes

Meet Urban Decay Naked Palette. the most famous of all

This is probably one of the most cliché posts I could ever do right now. I mean, pretty much everyone know "who" is the Naked palette. But still, I wanted to give her a little spot light. 
It's a true classic among the beauty community - some people love it, other people don't. To me, it's one of my favourite make up palettes and it's part of the trieade that it's always on easy reach (who can guess what are the other two palettes?)
It contains 12 more bronzy and warm toned eyeshadows.the quality is good - yes, they have better quality nowadays. My favourite eyeshadows are the Satin ones like sin, half baked and toasted - they are supper soft and buttery. The mattes - Naked and Buck - aren't really my cup of tea. They are quite chalky compared to the mattes they have nowadays. The ones I really don't like are Creep and Gunmetal - not only because I don't really wear those shades but also because creep has pigmentation problems. 
Still, I really love tis palette and I wouldn't think twice about buying this again in the future - specially if the repackage it like Too Faced did with their palettes. 

My only complain is the packaging. Isn't as studier ad the Pretty Rebel from Too face for example and gets dirty super easily. Like really, super annoying. The brush isn't nice either. at least for powder eyeshadows. And the mini primer that came with it wouldn't do a thing my really oily lids. 
what's your favourite neutral palette?

Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

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