A Little myself Haul


Yup, I got a few things for myself (and for a dear girl, but I can't show it, since she reads the blog ). I'll be on a "no buy"  for myself during the rest of March and middle April. The only thing I might buy are the toners, since mine is out and I need it. (I might get a mascara too, since mines are dying and the Too Faced one is just awful...)

theBalm's NUDE'tude palette

You might call me crazy, but this is still a Christmas gift. I saved the money and tried to get it in January but it was sold out everywhere. February arrived and I was like "ok, I'll just pre-order it", so I pre-order it at MakeupPt because I know the store's owner and I trust her. In the end, the palette arrived (or should I say, I picked it up) last Friday. It's so pretty and I'll have lots of fun with this precious.

Bourjois Color Edition 24H cream Eyeshadow

I'm really curious about this product. I saw a not so good review about these but...I don't know, everyone seems to love the Color Tattoo from Maybelline and I personally don't like them at all...Let's see how this performs. I might try to get another colour in May or June.

The Scret Bag

The Secret bag is a montly service like Ipsy or Glossybox. I won't talk too much about the items here because I'll writting a post about all the items. In General I can say that I'm super happy with this month's bag. I got a backup and 3 items that I really needed and wanted.

And it's all. Take care dears, have a nice day!
With Love,

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