And Yet...another Haul?


Yes, Yes, I know. Another Haul? Don't get mad...Like I said on my previous Haul, I had a few things to get because the current ones where either gone or running out...Oh and don't worry, there will be another Haul coming because I'm still looking for a Concealer and I have to get two new skin care items (You'll understand why in a minute...OTL). 

Bioderma Sensibio Eye Gel 
My Current Eye gel is on the verge of ending. I have like...a week of use? So I really needed a new one (even knowing that I got sample from another eye cream, which I'll be saving for a special occasion) an I had seen really good reviews about him. Let's see how he works. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara
This is a Backup, I got it now mainly because of Sephora's 20% off offer. My 2 Drugstore mascaras are getting pretty dry and the Too Faced Mascara that I own is a complete mess...which would left me with a sample size of They're Real. I won't buying many mascaras (ok, I'm thinking about 2 Korean ones, but I'm still working on getting Kollectionk's 10$ coupon) in the next months so I think I made a nice purchase. 

Benefit Big Easy Foundation/BB Cream 
Remember the Recommendation post? I ended up getting this one because of the discount. My current foundation is ending (and sometimes the scent doesn't look the same, scary!) so, I had to get one ASAP. I've tried out twice and looks nice. It has a light coverage, but can be build and it's really light on the Skin. I still need to try it out a little more before writing any review. 

Avène Clenance Mask 
I've heard amazing reviews about this mask and I'me super curious to try it. Aparently it helps out skin by doing some chemical exfoliation with AHA/BHA complex. Yes, it wasn't the most affordable mask, but if it helps my skin during the SOS times, it will worth every peny. (and yes, I'm looking after a substitute to my current clay mask)

Lierac Démaquille Purete
This....Why me? I got this by impulse and I did a huge mistake. First I thought that this was an oil - it's a gel. Second, IT CONTAINS MINERAL OIL (bloody hell) . The price tag was on top of the bastard's ingredient name. I tried this and...I hate it. No, it's not good. My skin felt super horribly dried and twitching. I didn't wanted to do it so soon but, I'll have to get a Balm and a Oil Cleanser (probably from Innisfree) along with the concealers.  I'm also thinking about doing a "I regret buying" post because of this products (and Avène's foaming cleanser as well. What a bad luck...two bad cleansers in a row!) 

L'Oréal Ever Sleek Shampoo & Conditioner 
This is part of their "Sulphate-free" range but I'm not sure if it's really sulphate-free (Let's see if it Foams or not...). I recently finished a bottle of conditioner and I'm the verge for finishing another of Shampoo so I had to get these. I'm crossing fingers here...I thought about getting The Body Shop's range but went for this because of the raves. No, I don't need another two products for my regret post. 

So it is. I'm so mad about the cleanser/make up remover thing.I'm just crossing my fingers that the TBS cleanser doesn't finish until I get the ones. My skill will cry in despair T__T 
Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

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