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This year I decided to upgrade the game and recommend a few blushes for Spring as well. I have option for both high-end and drugstore. They aren't that many, but I think that they are all nice options. 

Benefit Sugarbomb BoxPowder Blush
Mine is from their Sugarlicious kit but as you all know, it's also available in a full-size version. I really like this blush. It's a really pretty light peach tone that brightens but my face.I used to be afraid of him but today, it's actually one of my favourites.  

Nars Seduction Blush
Ok, the colour looks really scary but this was released last year as part of their Spring collection. Yes you read it right, Spring collection. I think that it's a really nice blush for when we have really light make up on our eyes but have a nice bold lip. Personally for me it's a  blush that you use at any season, but since I'm making this post I had to talk about him. 

Nars Outlaw Blush 
A more pinkish and with a few shimmer (it's not much really!). This one can be used with different looks, compared to Seduction since it's a bit I don't know. It just a pretty colour that speaks Spring to me. 

Bourjois Cream Blush in Rose Tender
I'm starting to hit pan on this one. It's a cream blush with a "cream-to-powder" finish. Looks lovely with any look and doesn't melt with the sun and high temperature. A Repurchase will be made once this one is out.

MeMeMe Blush me! in Pink
Part of a The Secret Bag special edition, this precious just really screams Spring to me. It's pink, easy to wear and carry on your make up bag and affordable. And the Fluffy blush is always a nice plus.

Sleek Blush-by-3 in Sugar
What can I say about this? First, Demerara is a perfect dupe for Seduction. You can use it in the same exact way, paying only a fraction of the price. Muscovado isn't exclaty the best Spring colour I know, but Turbinado is a really interesting pick if you want to get a more toasted peach look.

Would you like to see a lipstick post? I hope that you guys liked this. I'm really sorry for the quality but, Spring decided to take a small vacation when I took this photos and the light was really bad. (She took the vacation, but my allergies didn't...)

Take care, have a nice day!
With Love,

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