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 The Secret Bag

Before anyone starts with the "oh this pictures are just like the ones from your previous post" - yes they are. I took them on the same day because I had the time and the light for it. I've been using the products even since that. Besides, this is isn't a review, it's just me talking about I got this month.
The Secret Bag is a subscription service with a really peculiar slogan - "The content is what matters" (this is a literal translation, okay?), meaning that, they don't really care about the pretty and nice boxes or about pretty make up bags that we will be super tired of getting after the third or fourth month. Their main concern is what comes every month specially because, they don't send the usual tinny samples. No, they always try to send at least 1 full-size and travel-sizes products. Although, they usually send more than just 1 full-size.
They also launch special bags once in a while. They have launched one with  just Revlon products and other with just MeMeMe products. I got the MeMeMe one and it was amazing.
This service costs 15 euros and the Shipping costs 3 euros. Other services can cost the same by just sending samples.

MeMeMe Eyeline

A black eyeliner! Don't mock me, but I really needed one. I thought I had bough one when I got the Too Faced Kit but...that eyeliner is blue. Once it's applied, you need to let it set a bit, once it's setted it won't come off easily. So it's perfect for a normal eyeliner and for smokey eyes.
So yes, I'm happy about this. It's something that I need and use.
It's retailed for 7,5 euros and it's a full-size.

Core Hand Cream Pomegrande & Cherry Blossom

This is so me. Pink and Cherry Blossom. Hand cream is something that I really need. Because of how much I write, draw, paint and computer writing my hads need a bit more of hydration. And guess what, I don't really buy hand cream. Actually, my current one was a gift from a friend.
The smell of this is amazing and I love the feeling. my tip is to use just a tinny bit, don't go crazy with it.
This item is part of a set of three that it's retailed for 12,90 euros and, because only one of the items was sent (everyone got a different one, some got hand cream, others got shower gel or foaming bath) this particular one values 4,30 euros.
Woman's Secret Feminine

A roll-on perfume. A must-have to those like me , who love perfume but need to be careful. My grandmother always complains about "how I shouldn't wear perfume" so she can't hear me using the perfume spray that she'll start screaming. With a roll-on, I can just apply it after leaving the house. And it's also nice for touch-ups and other events.
Retails for 6 euros.
Argent Makeup 102

This is a specially edition, it's little than the original. I already own the original one and I think that this one is amazing. You can still use it for bronzer and blush, but personally, I'll wear it to set my concealer and to apply my highlighter. They should add this one to their permanent collection.
Retails for 12,50 euros.

Overall, I really enjoyed this month's bag. I paid 18 euros (shipping included) and I got a 30,3 bag full of products. How nice is that?
You can find more information's at The Secret Bag official facebook page.

EDIT: [saturday, March 15] So, I just got contacted by the team from The Secret Bag and, not only they really liked my post, they also informed me that they are willing to sell and ship a few remaining and special bags overseas. Because they still have to work on getting English as an option at their website, please contact them at , they do accept paypal and shipping will probably be calculated according to where you live.

Anyway, take care guys! Have a nice day!

With Love

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