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Cream eyeshadows are a staple for me. I already have a few from different brands and I want to keep adding a few to my collection. But that doesn't mean that I can talk about the ones that I already own right?
Here I have my favourite ones, the nice ones and the not-so-nice ones. I also want to state that this is my personal opinion. I know that a few of you will be quite shocked about the opinion I'll give about two cream shadows that are present here. 

The Favourites

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly 
Probably one of my oldest cream shadows. It's still rocking pretty nicely. The consistency is still creamy, glides and blends beautifully and it's super pigmented - cover s my discolouration and veins. It doesn't melt that much, although it needs a bit of help during the warmer seasons. During the winter time it's what saves my eye looks. If I ever see the bottom of the jar I'll run to next MAC corner to get backup. Yes, it's a bit expensive but it's totally worth it. 

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit 
I'll blame this one on Kate from Gh0stparties. It's just the most gorgeous all-over the lead colour. I have to admit that I haven't give much love to this baby - because I've been testing out palettes and everything - but it's so lovely. It doesn't crease and it's super creamy. I'm thinking about buying a few more of these later with time. Just like the MAC ones, they are totally worth the price. 

The Nice Ones

Bourjois Color Edition 24H in 02 Or d├ęsir 
I got these as a Try out. I had heard not so nice things about these but...I really wanted to get my own experience and opinion. So, they aren't the best. For instants they aren't that pigmented, you'll need to build the colour a bit if you want the exact same thing you want in the pot. It's nice a base colour for a nice smokey look but I wouldn't wear this without a primer because it will melt without any question. What makes this is the fact that it can be worked with a primer and it's easy to blend. Price wise, isn't the most expensive but it's not the most affordable either.

Catrice Made to Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow in 040 Lord of The Blings 
I've talked about this before. It's still amazing and my heart is broken because apparently Catrice discontinued them - Shame on You Catrice, Shame on You! . They are smoth, the colour pay off is beautiful and doesn't crease that much. My only and big complain is the packaging because it's a bit too tiny for my taste.

Catrice Made to Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow in 080 Copper&Gabbana
Probably my favourite in therms of colour. I really want to get a high-end version of this colour. It's just so pretty. In therms of texture and opinion, it's applied the same that I mentioned to it's sister. 

 The Not-that-Nice ones 

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 20 Turquoise Forever
You guys are probably like "what in the world is she thinking?" So...I got this one when they were released here. I feel in love with the colour because I wanted something to add a tinny bit of colour during the summer time. But it's impossible. The pigmentation of this one is horrible and it's a nightmare to work with! It just doesn't want to look right. Arg! How bad.  I think that we got really unlucky because apparently these are a different version from the ones that are sold in the States, UK and Philippines (the packaging at least is quite different) . So yes, they it's a not-that-nice cream shadow.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 05 Eternal Gold
I got this one because I thought that maybe...maybe Turquoise was the only bad shadow...I was wrong. The pigmentation is okay, when you finally are able to work with it. It's really had and difficult to blend. It also creases like there is no Tomorrow.
I've been keeping these in my collection because I wanted to mention what I think about them. I'm not sure if they'll stay once I move my make up into my final Storage.

Anyway, I hope that you likes this post and if you have any recommendation, feel free to leave it.
Take care everyone! Have a nice day!

With Love,

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