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One of the requested items to be reviewed 

It is! Although the title will now go to the NUDE'tude from theBalm (which will only be reviewed next month because I still want to work it a bit more before writing any conclusions).
As I stated before, I'm not using foaming cleansers any more. At the time the only product I had with me was this precious. Long story short - it's amazing and I'm loving it. Yes I still want to play with other cleansers and oils, but I'll be repurchasing this for sure.
The texture of this is, like the name hints, a buttery one. it looks quite hard and strange at first. I wasn't sure of how I should take the product out. One thing I can tell you: if you are afraid of product leaking, you won't need to worry about that with this cleanser / make up remover (unless it's really, really hore where you live...
Once you start massaging this on your face, it will turn into an oil and will break every dirt and make up residues that you have on your face. I also use this for removing mascara - the first purpose of this product was actually that.

After massaging, you'll need to wet a cloth with warm/hot water and remove all the make up and dirt. If you have make up and sun screen, you'll have to double cleanse (which means, applying the butter on your face again and remove it with the cloth). You'll have will feel clean without feeling too dry or scary. Also, don't forget to change your cloth daily, because bacterias might decided to procreate in you cloth and guess what - it won't be good.
This hasn't broke me out or anything but, if you are allergic to Shea Butter - the main ingredient in this product - you might have to skip it. It doesn't contain any mineral oil.

I truly recommend this product. I got it at The Body Shop for 7 euros because of a promotion, but it's usually retailed at 14 euros ( in the US it's 15 $ and in the UK it's 12£ , so be sure to check the prices at your local The Body Shop. In Spain & France it's also 14 euros).

I hope that you guys liked this review.
Take care everyone! Have a nice day* 

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