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Sleek Oh So Special Palette 

I mention this palette during my "Shadows for Spring" post but I tought that I should do a review on it. 
I have a huge Love-Hate relationship with this palette. There are colours that are gorgeous to work with, but others not? Not that much. 
Yes you guessed it - the matte shadows are also a huge problem here. It bugs me a bit...Yes, there is only one shadow with pigmentation (actually, doesn't have pigmentation at all) but the crumbling of the others is insane.  
What this palette has, is a nice selection of colours. We have the neutrals, the colourful pinks and the darker shades for smokey eyes - blue, purple and black.


On the first row he have (from left to right) Bow , Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz and Celebrate. Are you wondering where Bow is in the Swatch picture? Remember the Eyeshadow that didn't have pigmentation? Here it is. It's even worse than the Matte shades from Au Naturel. I  can't work with this shade...What can I highlight with this? Nothing. I seriously think that it's a waste of space. It was better not having it, than having it like this. Ribbon was a disappointment as well. The pigmentation isn't bad, but crumbles like there is no tomorrow. Again, what saves this palette ware the Shimmery shades. My favourite is Gift Basket - amazing to swipe across the lead and blend with a matte shade (one with pigmentation you know).
On the Second row we have (from left to right) Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up and Noir
Besides Noir's usual problem (Sleek, you could have changed the formula you know?) I'm really sad with The Mail. It had everything to be my favourite shade along side with Gift Basket but it's so dry and chunky...and not pigmented. Boxed and Wrapped Up aren't the best but they aren't that bad either, specially if only used as transitional shades. Pamper has the same problem that Ribbon has and Organza (along side with other Shimmery shades) has a small problem with sparkle fallout. 

It's not a bad palette, but doesn't like for the name. Like I said on my previous post, I'll keep buying their palettes, but only after swatching everything and doing a big research on their shadows. 

Take Care, have a nice day!*

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