Small Drugstore + random Haul


And here I am...with another haul..
So, starting with make up : Rimmel London recently launched (here at least) these new cream tint/blushes. I wanted something like this for a while so I decided to grab one to test. Currently they are only selling a pink and an apricot shade here. From Catrice I got 3 things : their Camouflage concealer - which apparently is a nice dupe for MAC Studio Fix concelaer? I'm thinking about getting that later so I'll be sure to compare them - because I was in a real need for a nice concealer; their Longlasting eye pencil liner in a nude shade because my beloved Inside Eye highlighter pen broke and I seriously need something like this to bright my waterline and lastly but not least their Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof which is so my the best setting powder I ever tried. This is way better than the Rimmel Stay Matte every single way! I'll keep testing this and I'll be sure to do a nice review on it.
On the random side, I got a nice and pretty note book because I'm gaining the habit of writing my blog ideas and posts before taking photos and writing them here. It's a nice way to work when I'm not on the computer and to keep everything organized (for example, monthly favourites!). Oh and of course, Frozen's DVD. I really wanted to get this, specially because this version contains the original version. And yes, I don't like my country's version, mostly because they decided to get someone to sing and someone to speak rather than getting someone that could do both things. And I'm also mad with a few translations. (yes I know that they can't do literal translations but still...some mistakes are just bad). Overall, there's nothing like hearing Idina Menzel (not Adele Nazeem like Travolta said...) and Kristen Bell singing "For the first time in Forever" (reprise).

I'll be working on new posts for this week and for the next.Leaving the city for a while made me ready to work harder here.
I really want to thank everyone for your awesome support!
Take care,have a nice day.
With Love,

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