June Favourites'14


June the crazy month

June was a hitting pan month. If April and May were amazing, June wasn't that good. My anxiety levels were really high and it was like I couldn't fundtion.It was like rock bottom to me. Praying helped me a lot - it was a very me time were I could think and try to see some light. Things are getting better and I've done some personal changes and I'm really trying to learn from this.
Antoher problem is my laptop - the fan isn't working as it should so he overheats and shuts down A LOT. I have to spot at every hour and do things "stage by stage" with fear that he might shut down for good. I'm waiting for an open day so my dad can take him to a gentleman that know how to change the thing (and hopefully change my current keyboard which got broken last time while they were deep cleaning).
A Good thing this month was my Swap with Shayne. Mostly because I'm really happy that she enjoyed what I sent her. I was depply scared that she wouldn't like or be disappointed.

Now, let's go to the beauty favourite, shall we?

The Body Shop Aloe Toner
This really simple toner has been helping me a lot. it really calms and prepares my skin for getting the hydration and special care that sometimes she needs.It doesn't contain any alcohol or funky scent so it's amazing for sensitive skin. I'll be doing a more in-deep review during July.
The Body shop Camomile Cleansing Oil
I don't need to rave this again, right? It's a really amazing and silky oil that cleanses my face without being too harsh and over stripping. My make up is removed without any fuzz or problems. 
Bioderma Sensibio eye Gel
I reviewd this on Sunday and just like I said - it's nice. But I'll still need something extra for the cold winter time. But for the current weather? Marvelous. 

Too Faced La Crème Juicy Melons Lipstick
The most perfect and pretty coral lisptick. Super Creamy, pigmented and easy to wear. This needs to get more attention, yes it does. 
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
My next review will be this bad boy. I can say that I really like it, although there's a "small" detail that doesn't let him be my "all ove the face and under eye concealer". Besides that, it's amazing. 
Benefit High Beam
So pretty. So, so pretty. I carried this with me during my trips and made the hole difference. And I actually prefer this to the dupe version from MeMeMe.(probably because this is more gelly and less liquidy).
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shado in Bikiny-Tiny
After depoting my the Bronze of Champions kit, I finally started to pay more attention to this. It was amzing on my travelling because of it's size. The champagne colour is perfect for everyday wear. 

I hope you like this post. Take care everyone, have a great July!

With Love,

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