High and Down from YSL


When we think about big brands like Chanel, Dior or YSL - we usually think automatically  think about quality and luxurious products. Some live for the expectations but others? not quite.


Yves Saint Laurent 4 colour Harmony in 04 Nude
Starting with the product that didn't live for my expectation, this quad had everything to be a favourite - it has neutral eyeshadows, it's compact, pretty packaging...But the lack of pigmentation totally sets me off. I like my eyeshadows pigmented, buttery and easy to blend. I don't mind spending the extra buck. But this quad? is a mess. The only really good eyeshadow is the light Brown. The Medium Brown is nice too but not enough for me to be able to define my crease fo example. 
The white and the dark brown are a mess. Huge mess. 
I tried to use them with a wet brush under a blogger's recommendation and still...a mess. 
Apparently this is a problem that only this quad (and the other from this collection) have. My advise on this is either do research or try to swatch things before getting them. (this was actually given to my mother who later gave this to me)
Note : the first swatch was done with the eyeshadows in their regular form and the second one was made with a weat brush.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in Pink Coral 
Meet the high star of this post. I got this lipstick on a summer sales two years ago. It's not a very me shade since it has a nice hint of orange but for some reason, it actually looks nice on me.
This is a very creamy lipstick, although it can be scary sometimes because this will settle on you fine lines so, scrub those lips and moisturise them first. 
The packaging is quite bulky - the bulkiest of all lipsticks I own. I would prefer something like the ones that their rouge velupé have. More elegant in my opinion.
It's a bit on the pricey side but, it's nice. If you are on a splurge day I would recommend this or their Rouge VeluptĂ© (specially because those have a more prettier packaging). 

I hope you liked this post! Take care, have a nice day!

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