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Do you like Benefit? This edit is all about this minisI'm a terrible blogger. I started this segment a few month's ago and ended up not keeping it for a while. Well, in my defence at least I have this one and another two planned for the next months.
This edition is all about the Benefit minis. I have a good collection of them mostly because of their amazing value kits. If you want to know the brand and see if you like this or that product before committing yourself to the full-size, there's nothing better. They're also amazing for travelling because they occupy less space.

Starting what I've mentioned more than once as my favourite, the Creaseless Cream Shadow in Bikini-Tiny is a true star. This tiny pot contains 3.2 gr of product. That's 0.2 gr more than my Catrice concealer. Besides the actual product size, this shade is just gorgeous. I mean, really gorgeous. And doesn't crease like crazy on my eyes. This was what made me get Birthday Suit so yes, an amazing mini. And I will for sure get the full-size. When ever this finishes first of course.

The Same applies to What's Up Highlighter. I used to overlook this product - I though it was strange and not worth the money. Wrong. This gives the most pretty and beautiful golden light to you cheeks without being too shimmery or making you look like a shinny disco ball. It's amazing for the summer time BUT I'll be wearing it all year long.

The POREfessional is something that took a while to win a spot in my heart. Now that it's finishing I'm missing him a lot. I don't like this with foundations because it messes them like crazy but, it's amazing for those days were I don't really want to wear liquid foundation but still want to do something to my nose pores. Also, it work really nice with powder foundations.  Still not sure If I'm going to get a mini or a full-size one, but I'll get another one for sure.

Now Benetint...I have a hard relationship with benetint. I can't work it on my lips - it just doesn't allow me to do the bitten lip effect like I wanted. But as a liquid blush is amazing! It's easy to blend and gives a really natural look to my my cheeks. I probably won't get the full-size of this one but, I'll take care of this little guy.

The High Beam was a lovely surprise.  I wasn't expecting it to be so creamy and pigmented. But still, you need to be careful with this one because you might end up looking like Rumplestilskin's cousin if over blend this to parts that you shouldn't.

The mini Sugarbom blush is just gorgeous. Gorgeous. It has the prettiest dark peach colour and it's amazing for any time of the year. Easy to blend and work. This mini has tone of product, I'll take a while until I finish all of this. The same goes to Hoola, which I thought it wasn't that special. I was wrong, it blends beautifully and gives an amazing contour effect. I only wish they had less glue (that's why they are a bit cracked). Also, I want to give a special thanks to Shayne because the WildPeach cosmetics palette is really handy!
Lastly but not least we have the Thanks-a-Latte Eyeshadow which is a lovely greyish brown shadow. I have a love-hate relationship with this because It swatches beautifully BUT, it doesn't get to be picked up when ever I try to use it with a regular eyeshadow brush. Maybe I'm using the wrong one?

So, I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you like minis? If so, what's your favourite?
Take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love

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