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Who's looking for a nice concealer for Spots and Acne marks?

MAC Studio finish concealer with SPF35 in NC20

Although I don't have too many acne problems nowadays, I still have one or another stubborn spot to cover and correct. And, if my choice of foundations is more on the light-coverage side, I prefer more heavy-duty and high coverage concealers for spots and under eye area.
So, after declaring my Benefit Boi-ing not proper to use, I started to look for a substitute and did a nice research on good concealers. The Make Up For Ever full-cover HD concealer and their concealer palette were my first choices but because I'm on a no-buy for MUFE until November (were they have their annual Black Friday and really amazing deals) I decided to look for something else. The Nars Creamy concealer was also a nice choice but because the brand isn't carried here I was really afraid of getting the wrong colour. Finally, there was this one.
On a family trip to one of the local malls, I decided to take advantage and finally get it since that mall had a MAC counter (I could also wait and ask some friends to get it from the time I guess...). The Sales Assistant was a bit snobby but I made sure to give the impression that I know a lot about how the make up things go - I asked for NC15 and she said "maybe it's too light" I told her to make a match to my neck and jaw line since I need to match my neck to my face. I know that it's bad to be like this but seriously, some SA's at MAC are really rude and make me want to leave the store. And I'm not the only one complaining...
Now, the product itself.The packaging is just perfect! I hate when concealers have the tops like Boi-ing or Camouflage cream were it's not a clip system like this. It gets messy super easily and I always ruin a bit of the product. And don't think that it contains less product because the packaging is smaller - this contains 7 grams of product versus de 4 grams of boi-ing and the 3 grams of Camouflage Cream.
The shade is really nice, although I'll probably need something a little lighter during the winter because I get really pale in November and December.Also, this isn't a good concealer for photoshoot's because it contains silica. But on the other hand, is really nice for daily basics because it has SPF35.
The only major downside is the fact that you can't wear this in you under eye area - MAC state's in the box that you can use it there. Which is really interesting because I told the SA that I would probably wear this in my under eye are and she didn't advise me against it. I'll trust MAC's warning on the box and keep myself a bit more cautious when dealing with this questions at MAC counters. If you want a concealer that can be used on your face and on you under eye area, this isn't a good choice. I'll probably try their mineralize concealer or even their pro long wear concealer (which has a pump that always releases more product than it should...).
Would I recommend this? Yes. Is this better than the so called dupe from Catrice? Yes it is, it has SPF and lasts longer on my face. It's also more creamier and easier to blend - no thermal water was added until this day.

What's your favourite concealer and what would you recommend me as a "all-over" concealer?
I hope you liked this review. Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

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