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MAC Painterly, also known as my favourite eye base
I'll blame part of this on NikkieTutorials.If it wasn't for her raves on the Soft Ochre Paint Pot, I would never had this in my life. with all the raves, I asked for a sample of soft ochre when I got Sunny Seoul - it was too yellow for me, but I really enjoyed the formula. But after Christmas of that year I decided that I really wanted a paint pot and went to a MAC counter - the lady of that day was actually a really friendly one - looked up to their shade selection and said "it's this one". And that's how Painterly came with me. 
Although it looks a bit scary and dark on my swatch, it's actually really perfect for my eyelids - it brightens, counter acts the discolouration and covers the veins. And helps a lot with keeping my lids "oil-free". Way better than the Too Faced shadow insurance (which is too oily for my totally melts my eyeshadows...any recommendations on a good eye primer?)
The packaging is nice - I can swipe my finger to remove the product without getting it under my finger nails. But, the downside is that I always need to have this upside down to see the colour and name. 
Some people complain that their paint pot's got dry really fast...that hasn't happen to me at all - it's still super creamy and easy to blend. 
I'm really happy with this product and I might get Rubenesque in the future. Although MAC has really heavy competition with the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows (which are also my favourites). 
Do you like cream shadows? What's your favourites? 
I hope you liked this review. Take care, have a nice day!

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