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'cause there's nothing like wishlists 
You know how much I like making wishlists. It's the type of thing that I like to do in a while. It's like shopping, without actual shopping.
So today's Wishlist theme is Asian beauty - something that always makes me curious but, because you can only find it online and I'm a very on the spot shopper I tend to forget or leave it behind. Here's the selection of products that I would love to try - from skin Care, complexion, Make up to even some accessories and helpers. Who's curious?

Uhh Skin Care.
I'll start with something that I need ASAP. The Etude House sun Prize Sun Block looks really amazing and perfect for someone who doesn't want to turn into a Salmon or Shrimp because of the Sun. Last year I used a few samples i had from Avène but they are now gone and I need a new solution.
Because everyone knows that I'm a cleansing balm lover, the Banila.Co Clear it Zero is something that I really want to try. BethniY raved about this a lot - and we are talking about a girl that loves the Emma Hardie cleansing balm to death.
The Lioele Waterdrop sleeping pack was actually recommended by a Portuguese friend that has a skin type very close to mine. She also has really dehydrated skin and she says that this is amazing - it hydrates and doesn't make any fuzz. Sounds good.
Another thing that I love is Toners. The It radiant Brightening Toner looks a really nice dupe (or some-kind-of-product) to the Pixi glow tonic (which I haven't gotten yet because of the super crazy shipping...15£ of shipping for a product that costs 16£ is too much.).
Next (and another recommendation from a friend) is the TheFaceShop Volcanic Clay Nose Mask which is meant to take out all the clogged gunk from the pores like a regular strip would. I have problems with clogged pored around my nose and check area and although things are better, I still want something extra to take care of it.
Lastly but not least at all, the TonyMoly Tomatox Face mask - I tried a sample of this mask this week and it's so nice! It's super gentle, cleanses and purifies my skin without being too over stripping. A must, must!


Complexion. Complexion. As I stated before, I really like more natural looking bases and Korean brands really know how to make them but, they also know how to make really good concealers.
A proof of that is the new Aritaum Full cover Liquid Concealer which has 25ml - yes you read it right - of great coverage. I've seen some swatches and the second shade is a perfect match for a NC20 'gal like me. It looks like a really nice dupe to the MUFE full Cover.
Next, something I'll also blame on BethniY as well, is the 3CE full cover concealer , a wand-type liquid concealer that according to some reviews is a really good dupe to the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (costing a fraction of the price).
And to finish the concealer fever, the SkinFood Dark Circles Salmon concealer is according to many people an amazing dupe to the Benefit Erase Paste - it covers dark circles without problems and the vintage packaging is so cute.
Keeping with the SkinFood theme, I'm seriously curious about the SkinFood Red Orange Makeup Fixer, which according to some reviews is even better than the All Nighter from Urban Decay.
Now, BB cushions are the new fever in Korea and I'm really curious about two. The first is the Etude House BB Crushion, specially with the Minnie packaging (there's also a new one with Cinderella)'s so pretty. And the BB is really good too.
The second one is the very raved Laneige Snow BB cushion (I probably miss-spelled the name? not sure). It's a bit on the pricey side but apparently it's really really good.I mean, Ingrid from missglamorazzi raved this A LOT.
lastly but not least, the Hydrating primer also sparked my curiosity. I usually use silicone-based primers but I'm curious about how this would work on my thirsty skin.

Oh, the pretty world of make up.
The Majolica Majorca Puff the checks are so, but so cute. My curiosity started when Kimdao reviewed one and actually talked about how pigmented they were (who doesn't love well-pigmented blushes?)Also, the packaging is adorable.
Another blush with adorable packaging is the Skin Food Rose Essence Cream Blusher. This collection is so cute and my choice would go for the blushes - the shade selection is nice and apparently they are really good. the lip lacquers from this collection also look really nice.
The Dolly Wink liquid liner is a classic. Although I'm currently looking for a good gel-eyeliner, I would also love to try something like this. There's nothing like a good eyeliner.
The Etude House Dear My Blooming Lipsticks have such a nice shade of pinks amd MLBB's! And how cute is that packaging? Their Antoinette lipsticks (specially from the first collection) were also really cute.
But, what I really wanted to get my hands on are the Etude House Color Lips-fit - a some kind of lip tints that we can also use as lipsticks. The packaging is adorable and the shade selection? So nice!
And lastlty, I'll blame this on Jen/fromheadtotoe - who remembers when she used to rave about the Lioele Auto Brow Eyebrow pencils? Oh yeah. Although I've been curious about the Soap&Glory version, this one still has a soft spot.

I bet everyone is like "what? lash curlers?".
Well, I really need a good lash curler. Mine is getting old and if never liked him, our relation isn't the best now. I've noticed that not having a good lash curler doesn't let me have a good lash look. I have really, really straight lashes and they need to be curled before I apply mascara, other wise my lashes will look floppy and heavy. Here we don't carry Shu Uemura's make up line and the shiseido line is really small. Besides, too overpriced as well.
So my choices would go for the Shiseido Lash curler or the Shu Uemura Lash curlers. I'm not sure if brands like Etude House and Laneige or Missha have or not good ones (it would be nice, since they are cheaper). And as a splurge (and because of Alix from I covet Thee) the Shu Uemura S-Curler (or S-line? not sure) from Shu Uemura is something that looks cool. Specially for fancy days.

So, here are the goodies from Asia that I really would love to try. Other things that I would love to try are the "lip chubbys" from HappySkin (a Philippine brand for those who don't know) which I have seen in Kim's and Hollie's blog.
What would you like to try from these brands? I hope you enjoyed the post.

Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

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