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Yay, another TAG! I was tagged by Alexandra to do this Tag. we go!

1.What are you Wearing? A pair of Jeans and a comfortable jumper. Nothing  is better than a comfortable jumper. 
2.Have you feel in Love? Yes I have. 
3.Have you finished any relationship in a bad way? I did, it was a "friendship". I won't be giving any details but seriously...nowadays I don't feel bad. We went for different paths...
4.Measure? I believe it's between 1,65 cm to 1,70 cm. 
5.Weight? If I'm not mistaken, 55 kg. 
6.Do you have Tattoo's? No I don't. 
7.Do you have Piercing's? No I don't. 
8.Favourite Famous Couple? This is a hard one T__T I'll say Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. 
9. Favourite TV Show? Right now it's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. 
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10. Favourite Bands? Girl's Generation, Super Junior, Kara, SHINee...
11.Something you miss? My best-friend's hug! And the warmer days. 
12. Favourite Song? Right now I would say Swing from Super Junior, Mr Mr from Girl's Generation and of course, Let it Go  (Idina Menzel's version!!)
13. Age? 20 years old...
14. Zodiac Sign? Virgo - I'm either procrastinate or a very picky and perfectionist person. 
15. What do you look in a partner? Respect and Sense of Humour. 
16. Favourite Quote? "If don't Stand for something, You'll fall for anything."

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17.Favourite Actor ? May the Harry Potter fandom forgive me, but I really like to follow Johnny Depp's work. 
18. Favourite Colour? Pink, mint green...
19. Loud Music or Calm Music? Depends...But usually I go for loud music...which I listen on my MP3. 
20. Where do you go when you're sad? Usually I just stay in my room. But I've recently tried to be just as happy as possible. 
21.How much time do you spend taking a shower? Depends, if I have the time I'll spend 30 o 45 minutes. If I have to do it quickly, I'll take less than 10 minutes.
22. How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning? From 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the event and how much time I have. 
23. Have you engaged a Physical fight? No, sometimes words can hurt more than slaps. 
24. Turn on? Happiness. 
25. Turn off? Bigotry, discrimination and injustice. 
26. Why did you join Blogger? I always wanted to have a blog, with time I decided to make a beauty blog and that's how Beauty with Love was born. 
27. Fears? Loosing the important people in my life and not making my dreams come true. 
28. Last things that made you cry ? I'm not sure if it was 12 Years a Slave or a Dr.Phill Show..
29. Last Time you said "I love you"? To my dad when he left to work
30. The meaning behind the name of your blog? Beauty with Love it is what it is. I though about "Random Beauty" or "Randomly Di" but, Beauty with Love  sounded more clean and nice. 
31. Last book you read? Check my list, I update it every time I finish a book. 
32. Book that you are currently reading?A Feast for Crows by George R.R.Martin. 

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33.Last Thing you watched on TV? The news.
34.Last Person you talked with? My grandfather. 
35.Relationship between you and the last person you text to? She is a really dear friend. 
36. Favourite Food? Chinese noodles and Lasagne. 
37.A Place you wanted to visit? London, Paris, All Asia in General...
38.Last place you've been? School, my Chinese School.
39. Do you have a crush right now? Not really. 
40. Last time you kissed someone? My dad when he told goodnight yesterday. 
41, Last time you got insulted? Last week...I pity that person really. 
42. Favourite Sweet flavour? CHOCOLATEEEE!
43. Do you play any music instrument? Sadly no. 
44.Favourite Jewellery piece? A fake pearl bracelet. 
45. Last song you sang? Roar by Katy Perry. 
46.Last Sport you played? Does walking - A LOT - count?
47. Favourite "Hook up" phrase? I don't have any...
48. Have you used it? Check 47 answer. 
49. Last time you walked with someone? When I went to the groceries shop. 
50. Who should answer this? Anyone who wants it, really!

I hope that you liked this. 
Take care, have a nice day!* 

With Love,

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