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Benefit Big Easy
I admit, I was really sceptical about this product when the first PR posts start to show up. My previous experience with western BB creams wasn't exactly the best  - they would be either too oily or too dark. The Asian ones would be too grey and sometimes greasy for me.I almost gave up on BB creams....until I saw the first couple of swatches of this one. One of them - made by a beloved Portuguese blogger
Let's Talk about beauty on her facebook page - shown how 01 Fair was a match to MAC NC15. I new my match from Matchmaster from MAC so I went to find if it was NC15 from MAC....and it was! 

With my only foundation - Revlon Colorstay - ending and some money that I still had from Christmas I thought it was time to get it. Besides...Sephora sent me a 20% off coupon to my phone (yes, it's amazing how Sephora remembers to send me coupons every time I want to get something from them)

This is not a regular BB cream at all since the texture is more fluid at first but starts to get the "cream-to-powder finish" - which is why it's target to people with oily skin. I just won't recommend using a brush like F80 or F82 , because they are really dense and end up "eating" half of the product...which makes you spend more product...After all, Benefit actually recommends fingers and not brushes. But a more flexible brush - like Argent Makeup 102 or Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - will work without problems. I can't say if sponges are or okay or not because personally I don't own any. (If I for some reason end up getting one, I promise that I'll be sure to try it and update this post).
Another thing to point is the fact that this was made in Japan. In my opinion, Benefit wanted to get the best of both worlds - they wanted something with a more Western selection shade but that it would work like an Asian BB cream. Which is why they only launch it now and not last year like most brands (I'm looking at you Urban Decay). This BB cream will still adapt to your skin tone like an Asian BB cream would, you'll get the shade selection from a western BB cream, although I'll warn you that it takes 3 to 5 minutes for this to set, so don't be afraid. 
The coverage is's really light can be build. Personally, I don't want anything too strong so this is perfect - covers my small spots and the redness of my skin. The bigger one can either get an extra bit of bb cream or they can get concealer - which is something that most people forget...I rather conceal here and there and use a nice lightweight foundation than using a really heavy foundation - for daily wear at least. 
Benefit claims that you won't need to set this with powder but personally I like to do it anyway. If I skip this step It will take 6 hours for me to look shiny...with powder I get 7 to 8 hours. And with a nice setting spray I'm might get more but, I still like to touch up here and there during the day. But nothing can be better than the velvety finish that this BB cream gives to my skin. 

As you can see by the swatches, the colour looks strange at first but soon looks like my skin tone. And the full-face photos (a sweet bonus for not posting so much during this week) you can see the nice finish that this gives to my skin.And yes, I have spots and marks, it's okay I'm dealing with that and it's anything that makes me cry of take my sleep over night. This is me still recovering from what happen during the times I used the Avène Cleanser...
Overall, this is a perfect choice for a everyday look. I just won't recommend this if you are planning to attend an event were Flash is involved - this BB cream has SPF35. Also, ladies with dry skin or dry patches - I won't recommend this to any of you, since this will just make your dry patches more visible. 
the price is a bit bitter-sweet , since 39,90€ for a BB cream isn't something that you would give everyday but, with coupons and seasonal promotions you can always save 5 or 10 euros. (be sure that this price might be different in other countries)

I hope that you guys likes this review, I promise that I'll be posting more during the next week. 
Take care*

With Love,

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