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Avéne Cleanance Mask
I was supposed to be posting a nail art for a contest today, but because things didn't happen like I wanted, I decided to post this earlier...Let's see how things go. With Luck I may be able to post the nail art tomorow or around Friday.
So, I got this mask because I had watched Katie from Gh0stparties talk about this...a lot! I though it was just a regular mask...not, it's from that.

When I saw that this mask had AHA and BHA I got even more curious. I was supposed to be using toners to exfoliate my skin, but because I always take a while to order things from internet (specially when they aren't from the EU) I haven't started with that field yet (shame on me I know! May will be the month for that, I promise) I was in need for something. This was the product that closed that gap in my routine.
Contains both Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid and you only need a really tiny amount. During the first application a felt a little tickling - but nothing major or uncomfortable - which was the acids taking action. Once I rinse the mask (using a warm cloth, just like if I was rinsing a balm or an oil), my skin wasn't irritated at all, wasn't super dry or super oily - it was healthy, soft and good looking. I've been noticing that my more are getting cleaner because of this product. And when ever I have an inflamed spot, this takes care in a day or so.
Nowadays I don't feel the tickling any more and with continue use this has helped my skin improve. Even if I get the toners, I'll keep buying and using the masks in certain occasions - I'm currently using it between twice and trice a week, depending of how my skin is. 

Here are some swatched of this mask in my had (don't worry, I'll be sharing a selfie of me with this mask later this month). A tiny amount goes long and it only takes 5 minutes for the mask to be dry. 
This costs between 15 to 13 euros here...it may be expensive for some people, but knowing how my skin has been and how good this is, it's worth it. 

My next now if finding a good oil or cream cleanser from Pharmacie brands...I wish they would understand that not everyone love foaming...I guess The Body Shop is going to be winning that category. 
If you have any recommendation of masks like this, please be sure to name them. I really love to try masks. 

Take care, have a nice day.
With Love, 

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