Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows in Birthday Suit


 Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit
If there is something that I like to have always around with me on in my collection for different reasons, that something is cream eyeshadows. I like how creamy they are, how easy to apply - specially when I'm in a rush to get the bus - and to make amazing bases to more complicated looks.

When Benefit launched their cream shadows I wasn't really curious about them at all...but when a tinny travel size came with my The Bronze of Champions kit I felt in love (the amazingness of benefit kits). The texture was perfect and it was incredible easy to blend - no matter if I was using my finger or a nice synthetic brush.
So after Christmas, promotions and sales started and I got a 25% off coupon from Sephora...major savings!


The box packaging is the prettiest and the most adorable thing I ever got from a beauty product. I can't send this to the trash can...I'll probably re-use it as a decoration piece or to storage my little earrings. The actual product packaging is also really nice - classic and user-friendly. It's slim enough to not take too much space in my storage and it's big enough for me to take product with my fingers without ending up with product under my finger nails. (Ew I know)

The colour is just gorgeous - perfect for everyday wear on it's own (specially along with eyeliner an lots of mascara) or as a base. I really like how this reflect depending on how much light it's getting. I love this dual-chrome effect. 
As I mentioned before, they last a nice time in my leads withou creassing, although it isn't anything special. But again, My lids are super oily and I always need a good primer (something I'm still looking for).
Overall, I'm really happy with this and I can't wait to get more colours - specially cooper and a pink. 
You can find this at, Sephora and Benefit counters worldwide.

Take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love,

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