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Yes, I've been doing one TAG every-single week this past month...Oh well they are really fun to do and they give me more time to test and get my thoughts about what I'm wearing recently. I've "stolen" this TAG from V-Side : Vain Alter Edo (aka Victoria com Makeup,etc ) and here we go!

What's your Favourite Drugstore brand? 
I'll say Bourjois because I own many products from them and I really can say that all of them are a hit for me. 

What are your favourite face, checck and lip products?
For face I'll say the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer - a bit overpriced here, but it's really amazing and helps me with my makeup. For cheeks I'll go for the Java Powder (also from Bourjois) - gives me a nice glow and natural appearance and the packaging is user-friendly, so it's always a plus! Lastly, for lips I have to mention the Kate by Rimmel London Lipsticks - their quality is amazing and very "MACish" which is nice, since they only cost a fraction of the price. 

Least favourite Product? 
Probably the Rimmel London Apocalips because they are too messy for my taste and didn't perform like I thought they would. 

What's your best Makeup bargain?
Probably the Catrice highlighter pen for my waterline. For 4 euros, you get a pencil that competes with brands like Ben Nye. 

What is your favourite Underdog product? (Something you Love that often gets over looked? )
Bourjois cream eyeshadows! For me they are way better than the Color Tattoo's from Maybelline. 

Show your best Drugstore Dupes : 
Nars seduction vs Sleek Demerara - on the Pan they don't look nothing alike, but on the swatch and on the cheeks they are very similar. The only difference is the lasting finish (Nars lasts a lot longer than Sleek)

(Nar's blush is the right one and Sleek's is left one)

Benefit highbeam vs MeMeMe Beat the Blush highlighter in Pearl Pink - they look like twins! The only difference is the texture, since Benefit's has a gel consistency and MeMeMe's has a more liquidly one. The rest is super similar!


(Benefit's is the right one and MeMeMe's is on the left)

Drugstore Product that's it isn't worth the Hype? 

Maybelline Color Tattos! I've talked about them before - I can work with them since they don't blend nicely and crease a lot!

So here it is...I'll probably post another TAG on Sunday but I'll get back with review's during the next week don't worry!
Take care, have a nice day.

With Love,

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