March Favourites '14


And here they are. Before I start to talk about them, I wanted to mention that most of this month's posts will be scheduled, because of school. HSK is coming and I have like...300 characters to memorize and understand. Although apparently my level doesn't have a writing test, I still need to understand them for my reading comprehension. Plus, the exam I have to do in order to make my college application is also coming...
I'll have two-week break but one will be for my studies and other will be for something else (You'll know in time, don't worry :P).So, here are my March Favourites. 

M.A.C Sunny Seoul Lipstick 
A cremesheen lipstick with a particular interesting name (for those who don't know, my bias from Girl's Generation/SNSD is Sunny and since I'm really into Korean culture, I would love to visit Seoul. Actually, I would love to do a tour around Asia!). It's a Coraly-pink lipstick and was my love for this month. It's super creamy, doesn't dry my lips too much and the colour was perfect for the good days of March. 

Benefit Sugarbomb Lip Gloss (mini)
Part of the Sugarlicious kit, this little tube has been living in my really small make up bag. I really like the formula of this, since they have really nice pigmentation and aren't sticky at all - I hate sticky lip glosses!I used this alone and on top of Sunny Seoul (a really good combination!)


Benefit The Bronzer of Champions Kit 
I've raved about this a lot I know. I've reached for this specially in the mornings I have Chinese classes, since it has everything I need to look presentable. Hoola bronzer, They're Real Mascara and the Creaseless Cream Shadow are the items that need special mention. I haven't done a review of this, maybe I should do one in the future, no?

theBalm NUDE'tude palette
Okay...I know that I just got this recently but I really had to mention it. The colours are just perfect for everyday and special looks. The shadows are creamy and don't crease that easily. Yes, a review will be made during this month. 

Woman's Secret Roller Ball Perfume 
From this month's Secret Bag. I really like the scent and how easy it is to be applied. 

Here are my favourites. Thank you very much for the Love and Support!
Take care, have a nice day!* 

With Love,

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