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No, no, no. Not That first time. It's a tag where we have to answer a few questions about some first events of out lives. I got tagged by my lovely friend Shayne from Queen of all you see and here I am do this tag. I also want to answer another one that I saw at makeup,etcetera. Anyway, I'll be doing this, specially because I'm not sure about what I should post next - okay I actually know, but the bad weather has been insane here. Spring decided to take a vacation or something....

First Best Friend. 
This is a hard one. Although I had many friends and girl's that I could call "my best friend"...Tercy was the first one that felt the same way. We met over the internet 7 years ago. She was a lovely girl that draw like CLAMP and did (and still does) amazing cosplays. Our relationship grown over the internet and, with her coming to the Mainland to study in College we were able to see each other more often. So yes, Tercy is the one that I can call my first best friend. 

First Record Ever Bought
If I'm not mistaken, it was Las Ketchup CD. Here, Here . Today looks strange, but back in the day this was a major hit. Everyone in my primary school would dance to this. Nice times I guess. 

First School Crush 
It was a boy from Primary School. I know, I know. It was a soft crush. Back in the day I really didn't understood how complex relationships are and because he was my friend, I was happy. Nice times, nice times!
Besides that, my real (like REAL) first "adult" (ok I was a teenager) crush was really embarrassing. Let's say that I had the terrible idea of telling him how I felt via SMS. There there. I've learn my lesson. 

First Kiss
Well, confession time : I never kissed anyone. I actually never had a serious relationship with anyone...but it's okay. There was a time (teenager-time) where I thought that all my life would be defined by if I had or not a boyfriend. If I had or not kissed this and that. Guess what, I'm a grown woman who learn that the most important person that needs to lover her is herself. I'm also really appreciative of the friendship love. Friends are like a second family, they are the ones that help me grow and feel nice.So yes, I never kissed anyone and it's okay. I'm not old, there's plenty of time for that and more. No need to cry or to feel sorry about myself. 

First Celebrity Crush
Tom (Super-amazing-and-hot) Felton. there I said it! It was during my second year of High School. And yes, I still (despite the fact that he has a girlfriend D:) like to follow him. (Along with Dan and Ruppert as well! )

First Pet
My Grandmother Some-kind-of-evil cat. Me and my brother used to be really afraid of that cat...we wouldn't pet her because she would probably try to bite us. Besides her, I had a little chicken called Pató. I used  to give her corn from my hand and she would eat it without hurting me. 

First Gadjet
Does the VHS reader counts? Me and my brother got a brand new (at the time, and still rocking here) VHS reader from Sony. My grandfather new how much we loved to watch VHS cartoons (also known as Lion King and Pocahontas) so he got one for hit grandsons. Thank you grandpa! 

(Just adding some of my favourite photos because I like to have at least one photo with each post)
First Big Purchase
Probably my laptop. It's here, rocking as much as he can. I want him to keep it. Here the only options are either Apple IOS system or Windows 8 - evil! So, until Microsoft launch's a new Windows, I want my poor buddy to last. Despite the fact that someone broke my D keyboard Key.

First Blog Post
Like....9 or 8 years ago, I had a small blog where I would post Sailor Moon Wallpapers that I used to do in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. So yeah, that was my first blog post ever to be done. (as you can imagine, that blog doesn't exist any more)

First Make Up 
If I'm not mistake, it was a tinted lip balm from Avon! My mother used to get things from their catalogues and I plead of a pretty lipstick - which was nothing more than a lip balm. Nothing special I know. 

Here it is! I tag anyone that wants to do this :P
Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

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