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theBalm NUDE'tude palette
I finally craved. I've been wanting to get this since last September (which is my birthday's month) but I ended up getting the Pretty Rebel from Too Faced. But finally, I finally got the NUDE'tude palette from theBalm.
Before I start the "eyeshadow by eyeshadow" thing and saying how the texture is, and the packaging...I'll be straith and cut it out right here : although it has neutrals, although it has a few colours that are similar, this is anything alike to the Naked palettes. This is a much "all-over-the place" palette - we have cooler tones, we have really warm tones, two pinks, a really pigmented white, a "yellow" golden shade and a burgundy - which doesn't exist in any of the Naked palettes. It won't replace them in my opinion, it will for sure complement them.
The packaging of this palette is amazing - it's super sleek, the cardboard material is strong and magnetic closure is very strong - better than the one from the Naked palette, similar to the one from Pretty Rebel - and the mirror has a nice size. Also, it doesn't get dirty too quickly.
The eyeshadow quality is amazing - the shimmery shades are super buttery and the matte one aren't too powdery or too hard. They don't crumble and they last an insane amount of time in my eyelids.And the pigmentation? Amazing.


(from left to right :Sassy; Stubborn;Selfish;Snobby;Stand-offish; Sultry)
The first half has mainly what I consider everyday and day-time eye shadows. Sassy is the most pigment white eyeshadow I even got the chance to work with! Some people don't like it because they miss a nice cream colour to highlight the brow bone, but personally I love this shadow. Its amazing as a base and to highlight my inner corner. And my brown bone? Well, there are a lot of brow pencils and cream products for that. Stubborn is an amazing all over the eyelid shade, specially as a base - in the swatch it looks really similar to my skin but, because my eyelids are actually darker, it really brightens my eyes. Selfish is a really pretty taupe/purple-ish shade that some times I wear in my crease and other times I wear in my eyelid - depending on the occasion. Snobby can be a bit controversial - to some is a yellow, to other is a gold , to me is something in between. I like this shade for highlighting the inner corner. Stand-offish is really similar to Dust from the Naked3 palette, without the huge fallout and the crumble that Dust has.I love this shade because I wear it alone or with Selfish or Sultry in my crease. Sultry is lovely warm matte brown, more warmer than buck from the Naked1 and without problems of being hard of powdery. 

(from left to right: Sophisticated;Sexy;Serious;Seductive;Silly;Sleek)
And the other half has what I call the night and party appropriate shades. Although, some of them are appropriate for daily wear as well. Sophisticated is something that I like to wear blended in my crease - defines it and looks really nice with other shades. Sexy is a gorgeous matte Burgundy shade that I like to smudge in my lower lashes and use as a transition shade - lovely to give an extra pop of colour. Serious is a nice black matte that can be used for the traditional smokey eye or as an eyeliner. Seductive is a gorgeous warm brown that I love to wear in my crease without problems. Silly is a warm purple-ish brown with spakles - and no, they don't have much fallout (for me at least) and Sleek is a really good deep brown for when you don't want to work with Serious - can be used as an eyeliner as well.

I'm really happy with this palette Overall, I recommend it to everyone. Price? From 36$ at thebalm.com (where you need to be careful with their shipping fees) to34.34€ at Feelunique.com. To my Portuguese Ladies I'll recommend Makeuppt because it's actually 3 euros cheaper than Feelunique and if you don't like or can't handle with paypal, you can do direct transfer. Also, you won't have to deal with customs services and all since taxes are already added to the final price.

Oh, did you liked the photo quality? Check out this post written by Citron + Guavaberry, her tips will help you a lot. I mean, they at least help me a lot!

Take care everyone, have a nice day.

With Love,

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