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Let's get back to the beauty world, shall we? Although I try to always research products, reviews and swatches before buying anything, there is always space for error and regrets. I often do an organization cleansing - I go after everything and see what I use or not, what's good and what's ready to meet the trash. This helps only maintaining with me what I really use and love and helps me space wise. There is no need for me to keep things with me that I don't use and like. A few I can still use, giving them other tasks, but's difficult.
I also want to mention that, this is my personal opinion. I Know a lot of people that love a few of the things that I show. Just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean that it can't work for you.

HC+Probiotici Shampoo for Oily Hair
This is terrible. I got this from a "Biologic store" and...I was totally deceived. This is not biologic at all and it was terrible, terrible. It has way too much SLS. It over strips it so much that my scalp was flaking off like there was no tomorrow and my hair would be super oily after drying it. This is the worse shampoo I ever used in my life and I have no intention of buying it again. I'll be using the rest as a brush cleaner. I don't recommend this at all.

Lierac Démaquillant Purété
Horrible. I don't like this at all. It's quite "mineral" ( in a very mineral oil way), doesn't remove make up properly and again, over strips my face. I'm really mad for getting this because...I can't use it. It's just bad.I tried it twice on my face and it was horrible (got a few pores clogged and a spot inflamed) and I tried to take a few swatches with it and it was hard....I had to go there with my cleansing butter to remove the rest of the traces. I won't be buying this ever again and I have no idea of what I should do with the remaining...

Avène Clenance Gel
The best that started my pet-hate for SLS. I got this because my old The Body shop cleanser was gone...It's like fairy on my face. This claims to be soapless, but foams a lot. Over strips my got to the point where my T-Zone was super, super oily and my cheeks (were I'm prone to spots) were super dry and inflamed. This is just good to remove foundation from my brushes...if I ever think about getting it again, it will be for that purpose one.

L'Oréal Glam Shine 6H Lipgloss
The colour is pretty, but this lipgloss is way too sticky for my also makes my lips dry and peels a lot. It's a real shame because the colour and the applicator are amazing. I won't be buying anything from the range again.

Rimmel London Apocalips in Bigband and Stellar
This case is more of a personal taste than anything else...The colours are nice, but I hate the fact that they don't dry into a velvety and matte finish. Oh, and the are quite messy as well. Lacquer formulas aren't for me at all. I wanted something like the Lime Crime Velvetines (which are way too overpriced at this point) and this didn't make it. I don't know what I'll be doing with them...

Maybelline EyeStudio Quads in 02 vivid Plums and 05 Glamour Brown
Oh, I have serious problems with these quads. 02 Vivid Plums has barely any pigmentation. it just doesn't move out of the pan. It's insane and a huge waste of money and space. 05 Gamour Brown has the same problem with the particularity that, I'm able to swatch the shadows, but I'm not able to work with them using brushes or anything...They are just wasting space in my collection...

Maybelline Color Tattoos in 20 Turquoise Forever and 05 Eternal Gold
I've talked about these before during a Cream Shadow Edit . I'm really disappointed with them...I had really high expectations but apparently, I had the bad luck of getting some of worse eyeshadows. Besides, there is apparently a difference between the USA&UK formula and the one that it's available in other places..not sure why. I'm still thinking if I should get or not the "Bad to the Bronze" shadow...I rather spend the extra money and get a similar shade from a brand that I trust (like MAC and Benefit)


Kiko Face 106 Brush
This was probably one of the first brushes I got when I started to like make up and trying out new products. During that time, duo fibers were in vogue so I though "well, kiko is affordable so why not get a brush from them". Bad idea. This brush is terrible with foundation - doesn't blend properly - it's super scratchy and loses bristles every time I use it. And there's a part where you can actually see the actual glue that holds the bristles to the handle. I really hate, hate this brush. Essence brushes are cheaper and way better than this. I have to admit that I got a bit of a "duo fiber" trauma because of this one, otherwise I would try to the MAC's or Real Techniques duo fiber brushes.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation (old version)
Besides the fact that I got a shade (or two) darker than what I was suppose to (because we don't carry the actual lightest shade and because stores here don't carry testers...), this doesn't really hold the oil. Actually, make it even more oily! So no, I don't like this at all. I've heard that the new version is better, but again - no lightest shade or testers available for me.

Rimmel London I <3 Lasting Finish in 045 Misty Jade
I got this last year because I really wanted a nice mint/turquoise shade and the raves surrounding  Rimmel nail polishes were huge. I was, again, really disappointed with this one. The texture is really bad and hard to work with (like...bubble gum you know? ) and it takes sooooo much to dry. And when it's finally chips a lot. I'm really sad with this one, the colour is amazing on the bottle but I can't work with this...

Here are my disappointments. Let's hope that my next post gets to be a happier one!
Take care, have a nice day!*
With Love,

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